Deep fried rice croquet and sour preserved pork

ข้าวทอด แหนมคลุก ( Naem Klook )

1 cup steamed rice
1 egg
1 tbsp. chili paste for Gaeng Ped
(choose the one that is not very spicy)
1 cup sour preserved pork
1/2 cup cooked pig’s skin (without fat)
(slice it to thin and long shape)
2 tbsp. Fish sauce
1 tsp. Sugar
2 tbsp. Lemon juice
1 tsp, Chili powder
1 tbsp. sliced red onion
2 tbsp. sliced parsley3 pieces thin sliced fresh ginger or pickled ginger
1 tbsp. Coriander leaves
1 tbsp. Deep fried dried chili
2 tbsp. Roasted peanut

Side vegetables:
Vegetable oil


1. Mix chili paste with steamed rice. Make a ball of a hand size.

I don’t know which way to explain it better than this. Hmm,. Just don’t make it too big or the rice ball will not be crunchy. If you like it very crunchy, you should make it a flat round shape.

2. Add 1 tbsp. fish sauce and mix well.

3. Next, beat the egg. Soak the rice ball into it and deep fried on low heat until the rice balls get yellow.

4. Remove from the pan and use paper towels to remove oil.

5. Put sour preserved pork in microwave for 1 minute.

6. Then, in a big bowl add preserved pork, fried rice ball, pig’s skin, 1 tbsp fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice, chili powder, sliced red onion, parsley, fresh ginger or pickled ginger, coriander leaves. Mix them altogether with your hand.

7. After that, arrange lettuce on the plate. Place Khao Klook Naem, then top with deep fried dried chili and 2 tbsp. roasted peanut.


Mara Toon Hed-hom

Bitter Gourd and Shitake Mushroom Soup(มะระต้มเห็ดหอม)

50g of Bitter gourd
20g of Shitake mushroom
3g of Light soy sauce
150g of Soup stock

1. Wash bitter gourd, cut cross, remove seeds, cut into 2-3 pieces, marinate with salt.
2. Soak bitter gourd in boning water, remain in the salt water (1 cup water : 1/2 tsp salt).
3. Remain Shitake mushroom in water, cut stem, carve cross on top surface of mushroom.

Sausage Salad in Banana Flower



Smoke Sausage (cocktail) 100 grams
Banana flower sliced 1 scoop (Hand full)
Thai red Onions 1 Table spoon
Crushed Peanuts 2 tablespoons
boiled egg sliced for topping garnish

Chilli Paste - The type cooked in oil 2 Tablespoons
Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons
Fish Sauce 2 Tablespoons
White Sugar 2 Tablespoons
Green Chilli - lightly crushed to full flavour 5 chilli
Soup stock - Chicken 2 Tablespoons
Coconut Cream 2 Tablespoons

Thai Food Preparations:

1). Slice bannana flower like Onion ring size and cover with lemon juice to stop discolouring like on would with an apple.
2). Put sausages like hotdos in boiling water and heat. Remove and dry.
3). Mix all ingredents on a boil and then take a outer petal of the flower and use as a basket and fill with salad and garnish with egg.