Life Secrets From Thai Food

Life lessons can come from the most unlikely places, once you become open to receiving them. Once you stop compartmentalizing life, there are rich insights to be gained from places you might never previously have given any thought. Like Thai food…
1. You'll never get the best out of either by being half-hearted. If you hold back on the chillies and other spices, Thai food won't have much savour. The same is true for life; conviction is the secret ingredient for success.
2. It needn't take long to produce great results. Just as you can produce a great Thai stir-fry in minutes, you can create something fantastic in your life in a short time. The road to achievement doesn't have to be long and slow and hard.
3. You get out what you put in. You'll never make good Thai food with bad ingredients and a bad attitude. Whatever you do, if you don't put care into it, you'll never get the best out of it.
4. Neither is meant to be a spectator sport. There's not a great deal of enjoyment to be gained by sitting on the sidelines. If you hang around while Thai food is being made, you may find yourself coughing and spluttering at the pungent cooking aroma of the chillies and ginger etc. But the flavour…
5. Both depend on the same art of making the most of what you have. You could spend your time thinking how much more you could do, if only you had X, Y, or Z, or you can get the maximum enjoyment from what you have right now.
6. You don't have to be rich to enjoy either. After all, Thai street food is just as delicious in its way as a royal banquet.
7. It's your creative vision that makes the difference. You can make as many great things with a few simple ingredients as you choose. It's all down to your imagination and your enthusiasm.
8. Neither need make you fat. You are always in control of your choices.
9. It's never as good if you're just doing it for one. Both taste best when they're shared.
10. Both are a celebration of everyday ingredients.

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