Turkey Berries and Its Duality

มะเขือพวง : มะเขือแห่งทวิลักษณ์

If you like green curry or chilipaste,you would see that turkey berries are the main ingredients. Botanically know as Solanum Torvum Sw. in the Solanaceae family, turkey berries are mostly grown in a tropical zone. Unlike others, turkey berries are a perennial plant.

While the plant is taller than any other kind, turkey berries bear the tiniest and smallest blossoms and fruits. The flowers are so small.

The petals are white or purple. The irony is at work here: the big root and the tiniest fruits. As for its herbal benefits, the raw turkey berries can be eaten to cure cough, help your bladder while the roots can be used to cure cracked heels and corns on the toes.

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