Thailand Fruits

Banana or 'glauy' is one of the most useful plants of the tropical Thailand. It is available all year round. We enjoy the fruits fresh or prepared as dessert and use the banana flower in various dishes. The leaves are used to wrap up food and made into containers. The inside young stalk can be used as hog feed. The tougher outside is torn into small strips and dried so that it can be turned into a durable type of string.
The banana plant grows in almost any type of soil and tolerates short floods. It requires neither fertilizer nor pesticide. It replicates by shooting out young plants around the original plant. Some types have such prolific roots that they don't have seeds. Banana plant flowers at 7-9 months and takes about 3 more months for the fruit to ripen. After harvest, the plant is cut down because it will not bear fruit again.
There are so many different types of bananas in Thailand, most of which I've not seen in the US:

- Gluay Nam Wah - Short and Fat - Gluay Hom - Like US ones - Gluay Kai - Short and thin skin and very strong scent - Gluay Leb Muh Nang - name means "Lady's Fingers" - Skinny and short - Gluay Hug Mook- Big one with Thick Skin - normally grilled, but great flavor also comes out when microwaved. - Gluay Tani - It has a lot of seeds and some people believe a lady angel's spirit lives in the tree, so people generally don't eat them

Rambutan likes to grow in tropical weather. It has a round and oval shape with dark red shell and red with yellow hair. It could be consumed when ripe, In Thailand, there are 2 specles of rambutan; Rong Rien and Si Chompoo. Rambutan is cultivated in Chantaburi, Rayong, Trad and Pracheenburi.
Consuming part is white flesh in side which has a sweet and tasty scent, It could easily be found during May to September. Rambutan has sugar and high vitamin C which help to stop bleeding gum. Calcium in rambutan also strengthens bones and tooth while vitamin B2 helps to digest fat and build growing body. Niasine helps to activate digestive system, relieve dysentery, floated stomach, fever and nurture the body.

Mangosteen is named as “the queen of fruit” Its shape is round with petals attached on the top of the fruit, which looks like a crown of the queen. The color of mangosteen’s shell is dark red purple while the seed is white, In one fruit, it contains about 5-8 seeds. Mangosteen has a sweet and sour scent and good when it is ripe. It could be found only during May ot September.
Mangosteen is rich in various mineral and vitamins such as protein, Carbohydrate. Calcium, etc. Moreover, Mangosteen helps to protect decayed tooth, digestive system, brain system in elders and calories clogged within blood vessels

Coconut is an economic fruit that could be cuitivated in every region of Thailand. The fruit is round or oval shape according to size. Shell of coconut is green, inside combining coconut meat, which is a great source of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B1 and B2. Coconut juice obtains glucose, fructose, vitamin A and C.
Coconut helps to protect pins and needles and decrease calories clogged with in blood vessels. When consume oil from coconut, it would help to eliminate worm in the body. Coconut juice helps to decrease temperature and dehydration, nurture eyes, detoxify the body, relleve diarrhea, and good for urination.

Rose apple is a fruit that has a sweet taste and crispy texture, It is high in vitamin C and fiber. Rose apple could be found all year round. Species of rose apple are Petchsuwan, Petohsajrung, Petchnampueng, Taptimchan, Tunklao, Namdokmai, etc. the famous provinces for growing rose apples are Petchburi and Chantaburi.
Rose apple helps to regain energy and form a healthy heart. It is also rich in fiber that helps to decrease fever, eye pain. Seed could be used for diarrhea and diabetes.

Pomelo is well known economic fruit as it could grow in every region of Thailand. The best taste pomelo recognized nationally is found especially in Sampran, NakhonPathom. Pomelo is a good source for vitamin C and high in calcium. Consuming pomelo would help moisten your throat and feeling refresh. It could befound allyear round. The mosssst famous species are Khao puang, Khao Tongdhi, Khao Nampueng.
Pomelo helps to eilmlnate phlegm, reduce coughing, and increase the efficlency of the digestive system, stop bleeding gums, aid in decreasing trapped wind, acting as a good relief for alcohol consumption.

Lychee is a fruit with adark red shell, white flesh, has a sweet, yet sour, taste and a pleasant scent. It is easily found during April to June. The most famous provinces that grow Lychee are Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Payao, Samutsongkram, etc.

Lychee is a fruit of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins that have a quality in helping digestion, bad stomach, nurturing intemal organs (the spleen and the nervous system.) Moreover, Lychee helps to decrease dehydration. If wa drink boiled dried Lychee flesh, it would help to decrease the pain from swollen intestines and testicles as well as anemai.

Longan is a fruit from warm climates that has a sweet taste and is easily ripe from June to August, There are 2 types of Longan: local Longan (or Kradook Longan) and Kralok Longan. The most famous areas for growing Longan are Chiangmai, Lampoon, Chiangrai, Prae, Uttaradit, Maehongsorn, Sukhothai, Chantaburi, Loei, and Nongkai
A Quality of the Longan fruit is to cure symptoms of weakness, fatigue, insomnia, palpitating heart, and forgetfulness. It could best be used in nurturing the body. Longan is considered as a fruit full of useful minerals such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose and vitamins such as vitamin C, B1, and B2 which help to protect pins and needies, calories clogged within blood vessels and is generally good protection for cold


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